FAB24 Mexico


The annual FABx Event is a global convening of creative and innovative thinkers who share a passion for digital fabrication and technology. FAB24 México will take place in the historical city of Puebla, known for its rich cultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit.

Why join us at FAB24 México?

At FAB24, multidisciplinary and multicultural innovators join to explore how digital fabrication and technology are shaping the future. Collaboration and creativity merge to bring about positive change.

  • Take part in engaging hands-on workshops.
  • Learn new digital manufacturing skills and techniques.
  • Connect with innovators from around the world.
  • Explore the latest findings from the global Fab Lab Network.

Event Locations

The main venue for FAB24 México is the Institute of Design and Technological Innovation (IDIT) in Puebla city.
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However, the Fab City Challenge México will be distributed across the state and the country:

  • Fab Lab Puebla, IDIT Ibero Puebla
  • Mérida, Cuetzalan, San Jerónimo Tulija
  • Centro de Innovación, Emprendimiento y Negocios (CIEN)
  • Palacio Muncipal de Puebla
  • Fab Lab Analco
  • Fab Lab Anáhuac Puebla

Fabricating Equity

Our thematic focus, Fabricating Equity, represents our vision of a world where economic, social, and educational gaps are reduced through equitable access to technological and educational tools.

We strive to provide equal opportunities so that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, has access to digital transformation and innovation. We will explore how Fab Labs have become catalysts for change, empowering communities around the world.

Fabricating Equity is a call to action; through discussions, workshops, and presentations we seek to inspire new ideas and strategies to forge a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

The Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT and the Fab Foundation are facilitating local access to tools for innovation and production. They support the global Fab City Initiative and the global Fab Lab network by disseminating relevant knowledge and practices across the world. This includes foundational research into machine design, machine fabrication, sustainable material production and use, as well as education on using the tools and materials for sustainable and innovative solutions.

IDIT is an open innovation ecosystem that uses cutting-edge technology to develop innovative solutions for communities, companies and government through applied research projects in conjunction with academia.
As an innovation ecosystem, it seeks to bring the most advanced technology and knowledge of design and digital production to all people who have innovative ideas or projects with potential for success.

The Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business (CIEN) of Puebla is a space for ideas and creativity that seeks to support the formation of cooperatives and partnerships. It is a technological space of knowledge, learning and creative ingenuity, which opens its doors to projects and productive proposals from higher education students who want to materialize their ideas, as well as from all the people with initiative to create technology and companies contributing to innovation, science and professionalization.