FAB24 Mexico



FAB24 is an immersive techno-social innovation conference.

The event provides a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, fostering connections and partnerships between the international maker community and local communities to shape our collective future.


Fabricating Equity represents our vision of a world where economic, social, and educational gaps are reduced through equitable access to technological and educational tools. We strive to provide equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, to have access to digital transformation and innovation.

To guide the content of the conference and maximize its impact, this theme will be examined through five distinct lenses:

  • Future Proof Skills
  • Cultural Equity
  • Community Innovation & Impact
  • Technology 5.0
  • Innovative Industries

How does it work?

The event features four separate but interconnected programs, each a unique experience with a specific goal. We invite participants to join all four, if possible.

  • Fab México Challenge
  • Fab Festival México
  • Fab Lab Conference and Symposium
  • Fab City Summit

The Fab City Challenge México

The Fab México Challenge will take place just before the Conference. Both international and local participants will collaborate to improve, support, or develop sustainable projects and initiatives, distributing the impacts around the country.

The Challenge will begin on July 26 and will culminate in a presentation at the Fab Fest: Maker Faire event, where participants will interact with the community to share their experiences and results. Challenge activities will be held in Cuetzalan, Puebla, and Mérida. Read more