FAB24 Mexico

FAB Festival

An initiative focused on advancing development efforts in Mexico is currently underway.

This event consists of four distinct programs, each designed to provide a tailored experience with a specific objective. The Fab Festival Mexico serves as the second program within this initiative.

Date & Location

The Fab Festival in Puebla is a two-day public event that showcases digital fabrication to the local community. The festival encourages families and makers to participate in various activities, such as hands-on workshops, friendly competitions, and technical talks by prominent makers and innovators.

The festival aims to inspire and empower the local community and highlight the diversity of makers and activities from Mexico and around the world. It provides an opportunity to learn about digital fabrication and how it can be used to create sustainable solutions for local communities.

No registration is required to participate in the activities; simply reserve your spot and ensure you arrive on time for the session.

Please stay tuned for more updates on the agenda for the event.