FAB24 Mexico



Aug 04-11 Puebla, Mexico

We are convinced that we can use technology and

innovation to promote equity and social justice

by creating technological, frugal and innovative solutions that

address relevant social problems.


Redefining knowledge

In the age of AI, knowledge is no longer static but dynamic, processed and applied intelligently. It encompasses acquiring, updating, and integrating information to generate ideas and solve problems. This transformation will profoundly affect education, work, health, transportation, and various aspects of life.

Future traditions

Future Traditions are evolving cultural practices that adapt to social and technological advancements. They bridge societal gaps and reflect changing needs and values. By embracing the past, frugal innovation unlocks pathways for improved quality of life. It explores ancestral traditions, enabling access to better resources and opportunities for all, narrowing the divide between haves and have-nots.

Collective Wellbeing

To create an inclusive society, we must ensure access to a high quality of life while promoting general welfare and social justice. This involves developing innovative approaches at various levels, such as territorial, urban, and architectural, while also seeking more equitable economic systems to enhance collective well-being.

Human Tech

We aim to utilize technology tools and applications to enhance the quality of life for everyone. As digital technology has drastically altered our lives, it is crucial to establish fair and balanced ways of coexisting, producing, and consuming, ensuring equitable outcomes in our rapidly changing world.

Emerging futures

We will delve into emerging possibilities and trends with the potential to shape the future. These encompass technological, social, economic, and cultural changes. By exploring alternative scenarios, risks, opportunities, and identifying signals of change, individuals and organizations can effectively prepare for and adapt to an uncertain and ever-evolving future.



04 Sun
  • Registration
  • Fab Mexico challenges kickoff
05 Mon
  • Opening session
  • Festival
06 Tue
  • Track 1
  • Redefining knowledge
07 Wed
  • Track 2
  • Future traditions
08 Thu
  • Track 3
  • Collective welbeing
09 Fri
  • Track 4
  • Human tech
10 Sat
  • Track 5
  • Emerging futures
11 Sun
  • Closing ceremony and hand-off

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Keynote Speakers

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Sherry Lassiter is one of the architects of the MIT global initiative for field on-site technology development, the Fab Lab program. A Fab Lab, or as users like to call it, fabulous laboratory, is a rapid prototyping platform for technical education,

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Prof. Neil Gershenfeld is the Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, where his unique laboratory is breaking down boundaries between the digital and physical worlds, from pioneering quantum computing to digital fabrication to the Internet of

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