FAB24 Mexico

Conference and Symposium

Join a diverse and global community of innovators

Our event consists of four distinct yet interrelated programs, each offering a unique experience with a specific objective. The Fab Lab Conference is the third program in this series.

The Fab Lab Conference is a premier event within the digital fabrication sector, drawing in makers, educators, entrepreneurs, and policymakers from across the globe. This conference serves as a platform for education, innovation, and collaboration, with the shared goal of advancing the fields of digital fabrication, manufacturing, and AI development, among others.

Dates & location

This event is the annual gathering of the global Fab Lab network, providing a valuable opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, collaborate on projects, and explore new ideas in the fields of digital fabrication and manufacturing, maker culture, and innovation. Each year, a different city or country hosts this event, with the objective of highlighting the local community and fostering cross-cultural communication.

The inaugural FABx event took place in 2005 and has since become a prominent gathering within the global fabber/maker community. We invite you to join us for FAB24 Mexico—the 20th edition of FABx—and participate in a memorable event that combines sustainable design, digital fabrication, and local expertise for a truly impactful experience.

Important Dates

March 15: Open Call for applications
April 25: Future Fabrics Mexico application ends
April 30: Research Paper applications ends
May 12: Beyond Fashion Runway applications ends
May 15: Call for applications ends
May 15-31: Selection process of activities
June 15: Full Pass ticket season
June 15: Program of activities

What to Expect at the Fab Conference

  • Symposium & Panels: featuring keynote speakers and panelists from various sectors including academia, industry, government, and community organizations. This is a valuable opportunity for attendees to gain new perspectives, broaden their networks, and engage in meaningful discussions with peers and thought leaders in the field.
  • Hands-On Workshops & Collaborative Activities: Participants will engage with skilled instructors to work on projects utilizing tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers, and CNC machines. These workshops cater to individuals with varying levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced users. Participants will have the chance to acquire new skills, collaborate with others, and leave with a physical project they have created. These workshops offer a valuable opportunity for attendees to gain practical knowledge and experience to bring back to their own communities and Fab Labs.
  • Collaborative Working Groups: These groups provide a platform for collaborative projects involving members of the community, ranging from learning initiatives within the Academany ecosystem to network and project development. This is an opportunity to meet in person and strategize for the upcoming year. The aim of these groups is to foster collaboration across disciplines and facilitate knowledge-sharing among participants with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.
  • Graduation Ceremony: The graduation ceremony is a significant aspect of the Fab Lab Conference, honoring participants who have successfully completed a program within the Fab Lab network. This serves as a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of our students in courses such as Fab Academy, Fabricademy, Fab All-In, and MDDI. It may serve as inspiration for future participation in similar programs.
  • Receptions: Join as in at least 3! Socialize, network, and connect with other makers and innovators from across the globe at the Fab Lab Conference. Our receptions provide a relaxed and welcoming setting for participants to unwind after a day of learning and engagement. This offers a great opportunity to build relationships, exchange knowledge, and explore new avenues in a supportive environment. Don't miss this chance to engage with like-minded individuals and be a part of this exciting event.