FAB24 Mexico


Call for project exhibition

For creators and artists who usedigital fabrication as a means totransform their ideas.



Over the years, cultural and artistic expression is constantly transforming through technology and has found its impetus with global communication, easily reached by the Internet. The emergence of digital fabrication has reshaped the concepts of design, manufacturing and consumption, with artists being at the forefront of pushing boundaries and constructing new imaginaries.

ARTeFAB highlights the imminent impact of technological progress within the creative essence of human nature.

The curators, Anastasia Pistofidou, Eduardo Ramirez Garcia, Raúl Babines and Maricruz Chávez García.


ARteFAB is organized around six topics :

  • Sculpting algorithms demonstrates the ability of bringing impossible complex forms into life using algorithmic design, mathematical formulas, data driven design and generative forms.
  • Responsive intelligence embraces the systems that bring interaction between user and artwork, human and machine, artificial intelligence and creator.
  • Craft encounters brings new aesthetics to our culture and heritage and gives meaning to the digital crafts, looking into ancestral futures.
  • Embodied Dialogues shows how technologies can augment the body using digital fashion and implementing wearable technologies in accessories, textiles, and prosthetics.
  • Bioinspired (biobased, biomimetic, biofabricated) looks into bio based, biomimetic, digitally fabricated or grown artworks that question humanity’s planetary impact and reimagine the materials and the processes of making.
  • Useless machines is about the controversies of developing technology for the sake of technology. It presents inventions, hacks , new tools and recycled parts.


Works that risks health or integrity of any living being, environment or damage to private property will be rejected.

The project must be available for exhibition on July 25, it is important to sent it on receptions days.

The work must be completely finished and prepared for assembly on the exhibition, otherwise it will be rejected.

Participants must fill out their data with the information requested in the technical sheet. Any communication will be through social networks.

The registration period will be from the date of publication until the pending date of 2024.

Participants authorize dissemination of their non-profit projects, and all the intellectual property rights of the participants will be recognized at all times.

The institutions are not responsible of any work deterioration derived from the nature used in the work. Participation in this call constitutes reading and acceptance of its terms and restrictions.

The use of fire is prohibited as well anything that gets very hot, this is to avoid any risk in Palafoxiana library


In collaboration with the university IBERO and La Casa de Cultura of Puebla

With the aim of promoting art in digital fabrication. We would like to invite the maker community of the world to participate in the first ARTeFAB exhibition.

  • Participation may be individual or collective.
  • You can participate with one or three projects.
  • You must continue with the vision of the exhibition.
  • Participants must be responsible for the authorship and originality of their projects; the organizations are not responsible for damages to third parties.
  • To be anyone in the world.


Dissemination of your project with FabEvent and direct dissemination through partner organizations.

Participants will receive recognition from IBERO university.

The exhibition will be held at La Casa de Cultura de Puebla, which houses the Palafoxiana Library (memory of the world).

Submit your project here before May 15th