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Fab City Challenge Mexico 2024

Published on February 5th, 2024

Join the Third Annual Fab City Challenge as it ventures into Mexico to collaborate on diverse challenges and foster sustainable innovation.

In a groundbreaking initiative, the Fab City Challenge returns for its third edition, this time traveling to the vibrant landscapes of Mexico. Collaborating with eight local organizations, participants will embark on a 10-day immersive innovation journey leading up to the FAB24 event in Puebla, Mexico. This year's challenge includes familiar domains such as assistive technology and water conservation, alongside new and areas of intervention like biodiverse cities and empowering social entrepreneurship. Applications are now open, inviting individuals and representatives of organizations and networks to contribute their expertise and perspectives.

The Fab City Challenge Mexico 2024 applications launched on January 15th, welcoming innovators and changemakers to participate. Whether aligning your expertise or venturing into new challenges, applicants are encouraged to share their background, skills, and experience through the online application form. An anonymized co-curation process, conducted in collaboration with local hosts by the Fab City Foundation, will ensure the selection of balanced and diverse teams.

On February 1st, challenge hosts pitched their initiatives at the Fab City Challenge Mexico information session, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of the local challenges. Applications close on February 18th, so make sure to apply now! The selected teams will be announced within the following month, kicking off this sustainable innovation journey.

Reflecting the evolution of the Fab City Challenge, participants selected for the 2024 edition are asked to contribute to its economic sustainability by purchasing a ticket priced at a nominal fee of $250 (USD). This fee covers travel to and from challenge locations, hotel stays during the challenge days, and three daily meals over the course of the challenge. The shift towards a ticketed model enhances the overall participant experience while addressing essential expenses associated with organizing and coordinating the event. By investing in a ticket, participants not only join a 10-day innovation sprint but become integral contributors to the initiative's future, connecting with a global community of like-minded changemakers.

As the Fab City Challenge continues to thrive and leave a permanent mark on the landscape of innovation, the Mexico 2024 edition promises to be a beacon of collaborative efforts, uniting diverse talents to tackle local challenges with global implications.

The Fab City Challenge Mexico 2024 offers participants a choice among compelling areas of intervention, each addressing critical aspects of social and environmental sustainability. These are the challenges this year:

  • Biodiverse Cities
  • Accessible Assistive Technology
  • Water Conservation
  • Regenerating Neighborhood Perspectives
  • Bio Practices of the Future
  • Empowering Social Entrepreneurship

You can find more information about the specific challenges on youtube and Fab City Challenge website.

Based in Estonia, the Fab City Foundation supports the global initiative through the development of projects for social innovation, research, and courses on urban innovation. The Foundation facilitates the Network of cities, hosts the annual Summit in collaboration with a local host, and leads strategic action research on innovative city models like the Fab City Full Stack and PITO to DIDO model.

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